About us

Geminor is one of the leading companies in Northern Europe specializing in the supply of waste products to recycling and energy recovery

Key benefits of Geminor’s services

  • reduction of waste to landfill
  • recovery in highly rated R1 facilities
  • dead leg/return load transport
  • innovative recycling processes

Since its formation in 2004 Geminor has grown to have >1,400,000 tonnes of material under management per year.

Geminor’s head office is in Norway, supported by permanent offices in the UK, Finland, Denmark, Sweden, Germany and Poland.

The Company holds supply contracts with over 150 recycling and waste to energy facilities across Europe. Geminor’s wide portfolio of  recovery facilities enables us to provide our customers with a stable, flexible and competitive solution to their secondary fuel offtake requirements.

We have strong established relationships with the key international logistics providers across Europe, providing solutions by standard road trailer, containerized freight, bulk & RoRo vessels and rail. Our logistics solutions are optimized to fit our producing customer and offtaker requirements respectively. All logistical solutions are based around return load transport.

Mission, Vision and Values


Geminor shall deliver innovative, competitive and achievable materials and energy recovery solutions for our customers. We shall strengthen and develop our employees to provide expertise and added value for the company and our customers both in the short and long-term. Geminor shall deliver results that allows the company to grow and prosper and continue developing services for our customers.


Our vision is to be the partner of choice to deliver the best waste to recovery and recycling solutions in the market.


  • Reliable
  • Innovative
  • Service Minded
  • Driven and Motivated
  • Sustainable
  • Humble


Geminor AS was first established in 1994 as a waste entrepreneur company serving the market with shredding and treatment of waste and waste wood. Geminor AS focused on this area of the market until 2004.

Total waste managed by Geminor

In 2004, Vikingstad AS acquired the main shareholdings in the company. Geminor then changed strategy for the business, with Geminor AS now focusing on the export of RDF from industrial waste producers in Norway into the cement industry. Geminor’s secondary fuels trading operations grew over subsequent years with the company opening permanent offices in Finland, (GemiFin) in 2011, in the UK (GemiUK) in 2012 and in Denmark (Geminor DK), Sweden (Geminor SWE) and Germany (Geminor GmbH) in 2015 and 2016 respectively. In 2018 Geminor Waste Treatment was established and a new office opened in Poland. In 2019 Bøhn Biobrensle integrated via an acquisition. In early 2020 an office was established in Bolzano in south Tyrol in northern Italy.

Today the Geminor Group of companies is one of Northern Europe’s foremost organisations specializing in the supply of secondary fuels.

Policies and certificates

Environmental aspects

Aspects considered to be most important for Geminor’s business are:

  • Energy recovery in R1 rated facilities
  • Reduced share of waste to landfill
  • Support waste to recycling processes

Geminor’s policies

Geminor’s code of conduct

At Geminor we are passionate about conducting our business with integrity – taking our legal, environmental and ethical responsibilities seriously. We apply the same principles to our work with suppliers, customers and contractors. In order to communicate our expectations in this regard to our business partners, we’ve created a set of ethical guidelines called our Code of Conduct.

Statement on modern slavery

Geminor AS and all of its subsidiary companies are fundamentally opposed to forced labour, child labour, human trafficking and all other forms of modern slavery and labour exploitation. We have developed a Statement on Modern Slavery to outline our approach to ensuring our customers, suppliers and contractors are free of modern slavery.

ISO certified

Part of our strategy is to make Geminor a pioneer in the industry regarding protecting the external environment. Therefore we have established an environmental policy which ensures that the requirements of the environmental management system ISO 14001 is fulfilled.

In addition, we try to get all our partners to be conscious about the environment in our collaborative processes.

Geminor group is certified in ISO 14001:2015, ISO 9001:2015, and ISO 45001:2018

Corporate Social Responsibility

Geminor is committed, through our vision, values and management system, to embedding CSR into our business and into the mindset of our employees, customers and our supply chain.

Our approach to CSR involves the following

  • People
  • Environment
  • Community


Geminor believes our people are our greatest asset and we are committed to ensuring a healthy and safe working environment for all employees.   Geminor ensures all employees are fully trained and are encouraged to develop their skills through further training and continuing professional development.  A weekly internal newsletter is used to communicate company developments, community and charity work and employee news to all employees across the whole business.

Geminor strongly believes in equal opportunities for all and has established policies on equality, whistleblowing, anti-corruption and a comprehensive employee handbook is given to everyone at the start of their employment.

Geminor has developed a Code of Conduct describing the ethical standards, including human rights, labour rights and the protection of the environment, which we require our employees and our customers and suppliers to work to at all times.  We endeavour to only work with customers and suppliers that operate to at least the same ethical standards as ourselves.


Protection of the environment is fundamental to our business and we continuously seek to improve on our environmental performance.

Geminor’s business is the recycling and recovery of waste materials and in doing so we divert waste from landfill disposal routes.  We contract with several highly rated energy from waste facilities that use both the heat and the power generated from the waste fuels.  Geminor’s logistics partners use return load transport for the movement of waste on road and sea, minimising transport impacts.  We are constantly seeking more innovative ways to recycle and recover waste including supporting new facilities which will use secondary fuels to manufacture petrol and jet fuel replacements.

Geminor is certified to ISO 14001:2015 and has identified a number of environmental aspects relevant to our business as part of our ongoing commitment to reduce our impact on the environment.


Geminor and our sub-contractors will be committed wherever possible to contributing towards the economic, social and environmental wellbeing of the communities within which we work.

We sponsor local youth sporting teams in Norway and the UK, in the regions in which our head offices are located.  We also sponsor local environmental projects and world-wide charities such as Doctors without Borders and the Red Cross.  Our company also supports apprenticeship and employability programmes.