About us

Geminor is one of the longest established companies in Northern Europe specializing in the supply of waste products to energy recovery.


Since its formation in  2004 Geminor has grown to have >1,100,000 tonnes of material under management per year.

Geminor’s head office is in Norway, supported by permanent offices in the UK, Finland, Denmark, Sweden and Germany.

The Company holds supply contracts with over 70 waste to energy facilities across several countries. Geminor’s wide portfolio of energy recovery facilities enables us to provide our customers with a stable, flexible and competitive solution to their secondary fuel offtake requirements.

We have strong established relationships with the key international logistics providers across Northern Europe, providing solutions by standard road trailer, containerized freight, bulk vessel and rail.Our logistics solutions are optimized to fit our producing customer and offtaker requirements respectively. All logistical solutions are based around return load transport.

The key benefits of the services Geminor provides to its clients are:

  • reduction of waste to landfill
  • high efficiency energy generation in R1 rated facilities
  • utilization of dead leg/return load transport