New contract will send Finnish waste plastic to Denmark

Geminor's subsidiary Gemifin has signed an agreement for the transport of Finnish waste plastic from 2023. 22,000 tonnes of plastic will be transported annually to ReSource's new plastic sorting facility in Esbjerg Denmark, where it is prepared as feedstock for new consumer packaging.

Finnish L&T (Lassila Tikanoja) recently signed an agreement with ReSource, a Danish plastic processing company of which Quantafuel owns 50 percent. According to the contract, 22,000 tons of consumer packaging is to be delivered annually to ReSource, which will sort and prepare the plastic waste for mechanical and chemical recycling in Denmark. The tonnage makes up around half of all used plastic packaging that is collected in Finland annually.

The plastic that is processed at ReSource’s sorting facility in Esbjerg will later be forwarded to Quantafuel’s recycling facilities, including the chemical recycling facility in Skive.

– ReSource’s plastic processing facility at Esbjerg can offer a responsible recycling solution for household plastic, as Finland currently lacks recycling capacity. The agreement is a natural continuation of L&T’s growing plastics business, says Ville Vainio, business director at Finnish L&T.

Gemifin to handle transport

Gemifin has now signed an agreement with L&T giving the company the responsibility of transporting the plastic waste from Finland to ReSource in Denmark.

Ismo Hiltunen

Country Manager at Gemifin, Ismo Hiltunen, is pleased to be able to handle the company’s very first international transport of Finnish waste plastic.

– This is the first time Gemifin is involved in the transport of plastics for mechanical and chemical recycling, which we consider to be an important stream in collaboration with our partner Quantafuel. Our role will be to ensure good logistics for the baled plastic, and prepare for an efficient and sustainable flow of waste plastics in the years to come, says Ismo Hiltunen.