Geminor Sweden’s head office is located in Jönköping, south of the deep lake Vättern.

The Swedish office employs 4 people, all working in sales and logistics roles and the office is well placed for close liaison with offtakers and customers.

Sweden has one of the most efficient and  highly developed waste to energy and district heating systems in the world, due to the historic climate of long, cold winters.  Sweden has been, and continues to be, the largest receiving market for Geminor in Europe in terms of RDF, SRF and waste wood.  We are also building experience in increased sorting and recycling of plastic and other materials.

Geminor has 5 Hubs based at the receiving ports in Sweden which allow us to deliver efficient solutions for our customers.


This Hub is the biggest volume-wise with an annual throughput of 80,000 tonnes.

Thanks to a cooperation with Oxelösund Port, SCA Logistics and the major offtakers in Stockholm and the local area, we have managed the delivery of SRF and RDF and ensured added value for customers on both fuel quality and efficient logistics.

Göteborg, Mimab

The Hub at Gothenburg is used to break bales and blend fuels to allow us to deliver loose material to the offtaker.

The Geminor Gothenburg operation began as a project with the local entrepreneur Mimab and DFDS to import baled RDF material and deliver loose material to the offtakers.  This operation has proved to be very efficient as the DFDS cassettes are delivered directly into the Geminor Hub building for treatment and loading into walking floor trailers for onward delivery to offtaking facilities.  The operation can be seen in the Geminor RDF film showing the journey of RDF from the UK to the Gothenburg facility.


A short-term storage Hub for the local market

This Hub close to Stockholm centre is used as short-term storage for the local market allowing Geminor to deliver to approved facilities following temporary storage.

GWT Landskrona

At Landskrona Hub we receive and treat waste wood and sorted waste fractions for recovery and recycling.

This Hub has allowed Geminor to trial new materials and blends of different materials for the Swedish offtakers.  Weekly analyses of materials are undertaken to ensure we provide the best fuels for offtakers and develop our offering in terms of fuel supply to the market.


At the Helsingborg Hub, RDF and SRF is received from the UK on the SCA cassette system via RO-RO vessels.

Together with SCA Logistics and Helsingborg Port we developed this Hub to receive RDF and SRF from the UK using our exclusive return shipping route with SCA.  An efficient and environmentally friendly route where we use backloads from the UK and we deliver secondary fuels to offtakers in Sweden.

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