Geminor wins contract to export waste wood from Norway

7. elokuu, 2017

Geminor has signed a four-year contract with municipal water, drainage and renovation specialist IVAR, to export 15,000 tonnes of waste wood per annum from its headquarters in Stavanger West, Norway. In total, Geminor now handles more than 130,000 tonnes of waste wood across Norway every year.

The new agreement will see material transported (together with Geminor’s existing portfolio), by road and sea freight, to a selection of recovery and recycling facilities across Sweden, Germany, Poland, Netherlands and the UK. Alongside generating a considerable volume of renewable energy and heat, feedstock will provide virgin fibre for the production of environmentally-friendly plasterboard.


With sustainability a key corporate priority, IVAR operates a number of other initiatives to reduce environmental impact. These include recycling dry sludge from its national portfolio of water treatment facilities and ensuring waste discharge has minimal impact on waterways and marine areas.

Kjetil Vikingstad, Managing Director at Geminor AS, commented: “Thanks to a network of more than 70 energy recovery and recycling sites across Europe, we provide flexible and reliable waste management services for our customers.


“As part of our agreement with IVAR, supply is prioritised to facilities with a high demand on quality for waste wood, ensuring waste can be used directly at the plant without further treatment while helping each plant to operate at maximum efficiency.”

IVAR’s Karl Riska, added: “We understand the importance of maximising value from our waste and using sustainable processes to minimise environmental impact. With Geminor contracted to export our waste wood feedstock through Egersund Harbour, we are guaranteed a reliable outlay for more than 15,000 tonnes of feedstock every year, preventing a valuable product from ending up in landfill.”