Providing safe deposit for PFAS-contaminated soils

In co-operation with Norwegian partner Perpetuum Group, Geminor is one of very few industry players certified to handle PFAS and PFOS soils in a safe manner in Europe.

Per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) are a group of synthetic chemicals considered as pollutants. These days PFAS is getting more attention due to the proven harmful effects of the substances on health and the environment.

PFAS has been in use since the 1940s in a variety of products such as textiles, food packaging, griddle coating in frying pans, ski wax, sealants, insulation, antifoaming agents and many more. Historically, one of the largest areas of application has been fire-fighting foams, making airports and fire-training fields two of the places with the largest and highest concentration of PFAS.

PFOS and PFOA are the most well-known substances in the group. These are strictly regulated substances that should only be handled by approved operators. Geminor is co-operating with Norwegian partner Perpetuum Group, and is one of very few industry players certified to handle PFAS and PFOS masses in a safe manner in Europe.  We analyze PFAS-contaminated masses, and offer specialized landfill equipped with cleaning technology. In this way we ensure that no PFAS is released back into the environment.

At Perpetuum in Northern Norway, contaminated masses enter a specially designed landfill cell, where PFAS is retained by adsorption on sorbents inside the landfill. Perpetuum and Geminor follow strict requirements for both handling and preventing PFAS from leaking out of the landfill. As an added safety, the landfill has its own sewage treatment plant, where any residual concentrations of PFAS components are captured. There is constant monitoring of the cell to assure that PFAS-contaminated water does not escape the area.

Bjørn Håland at Geminor

For more information regarding PFAS and our services, please contact Bjørn Håland at Geminor.