Waste Treatment

GWT is Geminor's operating company, comprising sorting, grinding, baling and any other pre-treatment of different types of waste before delivery to material or energy recovery.

This activity is typically linked to our logistics centers / Hubs and for public tenders in Norway and sweden where we must provide mobile equipment for sorting, grinding and baling. GWT also run vessel loading operations for waste wood and secondary fuels for deliveries to recycling and energy recovery for Geminor.

Bøn Biobrensel

Bøn Biobrensel AS specializes in grinding and treatment of waste wood and biofuel and cooperates closely with GWT on operations performed on behalf of Geminor.

Sorting/Waste treatment

Geminor participates actively in the development and refinement of sorting processes to create the different fuel fractions for our customers. We work with offtakers and hauliers to ensure quality is maintained by using the best logistics solutions. Based on our extensive experience, we advise on equipment, design storage areas and processing plants and we offer insight on the requirements for export and import of waste.