Waste to Recycling

Recycling of waste fractions into new, useful products.

Geminor are active in the circular economy and among others we send paper, cardboard, plastic, waste wood and artificial turf to recycling at different off-takers in Europe. We are constantly looking into new and innovative recycling markets for a range of materials.


In Geminor we manage the recovery and recycling of used wood within several European countries.  We sort and grade wood within our Hubs to ensure the best offtake for each fraction.  We work closely with recycling companies and also with energy recovery facilities.  Geminor’s collaborations in the waste wood arena in Scandinavia means that your old wood will find a new life as a kitchen cabinet or furniture as we further develop our partnerships to deliver a true circular economy.

Paper and cardboard

Geminor is dedicated to ensuring that as many paper fibers from newspapers, packaging and cardboard are being reused to the fullest extent possible. 1 ton of paper requires 24 trees*, so every ton of paper we recycle matters.

Geminor operates within a waste network of paper and packaging mills, ensuring that the paper fibers we handle will find their way into new paper products across the world.