Waste to Energy

Geminor offers energy recovery of combustible residual waste at the market's best energy recovery plants. Here the waste is recycled through energy recovery that generates electricity and heat.

Geminor offers a total solution of waste management

We offer a total solution of waste management.

In 2016 Geminor handled a total of nearly 1,2 mill tons of waste fuels. With this significant amount of waste we achieve good conditions for energy and transport of waste.

At the same time as we are a contributor to save the environment it also allows us offering our clients very competitive solutions for both transport and gate fee’s for energy recovery.

By focusing on product development and quality assurance Geminor aims to always offer our customers the best sales solutions for waste-derived fuels.

We keep records of reporting to the authorities as well as we ensure continuous updating of export permits for waste fractions to current energy plants in northern Europe. We ensure proper billing.