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10 kg of waste can power a laptop for up-to 3 hours per day for 2 months

Waste Management

Geminor cooperates with more than 80 facilities for recycling and energy recovery.

Through regular deliveries to more than 80 different recycling and energy recovery facilities across Northern Europe, Geminor has gained considerable know-how of fuel types and specification requirements.

We work to ensure that our customers get the best off-take solutions supporting long-term deliveries of their waste fractions at competitive prices.                                                           

Material recycling

Alternative Fuel

Waste Treatment

GWT is Geminor's operating company, comprising sorting, grinding, baling and any other pre-treatment of different types of waste before delivery to material or energy recovery.

This activity is typically linked to our logistics centers / Hubs and for public tenders in Norway and sweden where we must provide mobile equipment for sorting, grinding and baling. GWT also run vessel loading operations for waste wood and secondary fuels for deliveries to recycling and energy recovery for Geminor.

Bøn Biobrensel

Bøn Biobrensel AS specializes in grinding and treatment of waste wood and biofuel and cooperates closely with GWT on operations performed on behalf of Geminor.

Sorting/Waste treatment

Geminor participates actively in the development and refinement of sorting processes to create the different fuel fractions for our customers. We work with offtakers and hauliers to ensure quality is maintained by using the best logistics solutions. Based on our extensive experience, we advise on equipment, design storage areas and processing plants and we offer insight on the requirements for export and import of waste.


The heart of our business

  • Logistic operations
  • Customer portal
  • Haulier portal
  • Offtaker portal
  • Document control and tracking
  • Invoicing and cost control
  • Statistics

The Geminor group uses Gemisoft, a tailor-made IT system that ensures accurate and efficient data management.

Gemisoft, is web-based and Electronic Data Interface (EDI) capable which allows interactive, real time access for all elements of the supply chain including haulier, producer and offtaker.  Gemisoft allows us to track and control waste movements, inputs and outputs of facilities, provides audit trails for Transfrontier Shipments (TFS), enables accurate invoicing and has a customer interface to allow our customers access to the data and reporting capabilities.

Waste to Recycling

Recycling of waste fractions into new, useful products.

Geminor are active in the circular economy and among others we send paper, cardboard, plastic, waste wood and artificial turf to recycling at different off-takers in Europe. We are constantly looking into new and innovative recycling markets for a range of materials.


In Geminor we manage the recovery and recycling of used wood within several European countries.  We sort and grade wood within our Hubs to ensure the best offtake for each fraction.  We work closely with recycling companies and also with energy recovery facilities.  Geminor’s collaborations in the waste wood arena in Scandinavia means that your old wood will find a new life as a kitchen cabinet or furniture as we further develop our partnerships to deliver a true circular economy.

Paper and cardboard

Geminor is dedicated to ensuring that as many paper fibers from newspapers, packaging and cardboard are being reused to the fullest extent possible. 1 ton of paper requires 24 trees*, so every ton of paper we recycle matters.

Geminor operates within a waste network of paper and packaging mills, ensuring that the paper fibers we handle will find their way into new paper products across the world.

Waste to Energy

Geminor offers a total solution for recovery of secondary fuels

Geminor offers

  • total logistics management
  • competitive and innovative solutions
  • TFS handling
  • high energy recovery rates
  • landfill diversion

By focusing on product development and quality assurance, Geminor aims to always offer our customers the best recovery solutions for secondary fuels.

We take care of the complete supply chain – logistics, shipping, TFS and recovery.

High level of energy recovery

The energy recovery plants Geminor cooperates with are all R1 compliant and many of them use waste to produce district heating and steam for industrial processes as well as electricity.

Using back load logistics by road and sea also ensures that the use of this existing recovery capacity performs well environmentally when compared with the provision of new energy from waste infrastructure.

Transport, Logistics and Hubs

Logistics provision and management is a key component of our secondary fuels solutions.

We aim to establish functional, efficient and environmentally conscious logistical routes, providing regular, stable and long-term solutions to our customer base.

Sea logistics

Geminor has contracts with major sea freight companies and ports in Europe.  We have invested in several hub facilities in receiving countries to optimise the logistics process and ensure added value for our customers.

A range of systems used for shipping include containerised systems on a roll on roll off vessel, bulk ships, quay to quay cassette systems and side port vessels.  All sea transport is comprised of return loads – that is the ships have delivered goods and the secondary fuels are transported on the return journey.

Geminor operates stringent quality checking to ensure that the fuel meets the specification for delivery to recovery facilities. The wrapping and integrity of bales are closely monitored to ensure optimal transport conditions.

Our in-house TFS team comprises fluent Danish, Finnish, Dutch, German, Swedish and Norwegian speakers who work successfully to achieve the TFS requirements in each country.

Road logistics

Geminor arranges, monitors and manages the haulage of secondary fuels for our customers across Europe’s roads.  We control logistics from our offices, allowing rapid and decisive management of issues as they arise.

We have contracts with major logistics companies in Europe, and we also use local haulage firms within each country. Geminor always works to optimize the transport capacity, whatever the mode, using return load options to minimise our carbon footprint.

Geminor Hub Facilities

Geminor has in recent years established several logistics centres (HUBs), to create efficiencies in logistics operations, carry out sorting and fuel preparation and add value.  We are proud of our innovative approach to quality fuel and product development for different fractions of waste destined for materials or energy recovery.

Our Hubs: