The Danish office is located in the historical buildings in Frichs parken in the centre of Aarhus.

There are 5 employees in the Denmark office delivering outstanding service to our customers within sales, operations and logistics.

Geminor Denmark is focused on,

  • Import of RDF and SRF to be used for energy recovery in a long range of Danish energy from waste plants
  • A wide array of recyclable fractions such as waste wood, paper, cardboard and plastic

Geminor has in recent years established several logistics centres (Hubs) in Denmark, to store and ship volumes in and out of the country.

Geminor DK hub East

The Geminor hub in Køge Havn is designed to receive waste wood from DK and export it by ship for recycling abroad.

The hub is located on the new harbor area in Køge Havn which stands ready for operation in Q3 2019. With a water depth of 8,5 – 9,5 m the hub can handle ships up to 200m in length and 30 meter wide. Operations is handled as a collaboration between Geminor DK, Geminor Waste treatment and local cargo handler and freight forwarder.

Geminor DK hub East

Pacific Kaj 1

DK-4600  Køge


Geminor DK hub North

At our Hub in the port of Aalborg we receive approximately 30,000 tonnes of RDF and SRF for the waste to energy industry in Northern Denmark.

The material is delivered to our terminal on coaster ships and trailers, in bales and as bulk from numerous producers across Europe.  The material is stored, treated and delivered on-demand, to energy to waste plants in the northern part of Jutland.

This flexibility adds value for our customers.

Geminor DK hub North

Rørdalsvej 211

DK-9220 Aalborg Øst


Esbjerg Terminal Hub

The Hub located in Esbjerg port gives us the option to bring in baled material from the UK on trailers.

Through several weekly shipping departures from the UK to Denmark we can offer our Danish customers a very short lead time on receiving baled RDF and SRF material from our Esbjerg Hub.

Furthermore the hub allows us to break the bales and use Walkingfloor trucks for the last part of the journey and deliver the RDF or SRF material to our customs as bulk.

Esbjerg Terminal Hub

Zodiakvej 5

DK-6700 Esbjerg


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Geminor Waste Treatment

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Johan Olø, GWT NO/GWT SWE/Bøn Biobrensel

Petur Thor Haftorsson, GWT NO

Grzegorz Swora, GWT NO

Mikael Holm, GWT SWE

Raymond Rojas

Mikael Knutsen

Peter Josefsson

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Bartosz Gomolka

Stefan Samuelsson

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Geminor PL

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Geminor GmbH – Office France

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Florian Friess

Geminor GmbH – Office Italy

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Geminor NO

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Morten Hauge

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Kathrine Breivik Slater

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Christina Telnes

Geminor DK

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    Geminor DK ApS
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Geminor SWE

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