Geminor AS was first established in 1994 by the Danish waste processing company Gemidan AS. Geminor was originally conceived as being the vehicle for the delivery of Gemidan’s core services in the Norwegian market and Geminor AS focused in this same area of the market until 2004.

In 2004 Gemidan AS began a collaboration with Vikingstad AS. Vikingstad AS was a waste collection and processing company, owned by Kjetil Vikingstad.shutterstock_78703081

The collaboration with Vikingstad AS was created to facilitate a change in strategy for the business, with Geminor AS now focusing on the export of RDF from industrial waste producers in Norway into the cement industry. Geminor’s secondary fuels trading operations grew over the subsequent years with the company opening permanent offices in Finland, (GemiFin), in 2011, in the UK, (GemiUK), in 2012 and in Denmark (Geminor DK), Sweden (Geminor SWE) and Germany (Geminor GmbH) in 2015.

Today the Geminor Group of companies is one of Northern Europe’s foremost organisations specialising in the supply of secondary fuels, with a forecast 1,200,000 under management in 2015.

In order to present better demonstrate the overall group identity, Geminor decided to rebrand using the same “Geminor” brand across all our national markets from the spring of 2015.