Environmental policy

HIGH LEVEL OF ENERGY RECOVERY                                                                                     The energy plants Geminor cooperates with utilizes waste to produce district heating, steam for industrial processes as well as to electricity. With a degree in energy recovery of  90-100% these provide a significant contribution to the environment.


RECOVERY LANDFILL – LESS POLLUTION                                             Main solution for waste management in most of the European countries is the disposal of waste. Pollution from waste combustion is significantly lower than disposal of waste.

Most of the Scandinavian countries introduced a landfill prohibition for waste that could be recovered and converted over to energy. The major part of the plants recycling waste to energy produce district heating and electricity. Geminor is a significant contributor to those plants so that they get provided with waste for energy recovery.

Norway, England and Finland have more waste than capacity of energy recovery. Waste moved from these countries for energy recovery, for example to Sweden, Denmark, Germany and the Netherlands, therefore provides a significant contribution to the environment.

An alternative solution would be depositing as own capacity is not built for energy recovery.


  1. Ensure that the deliveries are in accordance with international rules and regulations.
  2. Fulfill environmental requirements so that we avoid injury to personnel, materials and to the   environment.
  3. Avoid unnecessary burdens on the environment.
  4. Transferring our attitudes to our Stakeholders to protect the environment.
  5. Ensure Geminor’s Environmental Policy remains visible and accessible to all.