Geminor to recycle 50,000 waste bins

EU's target to increase waste food and plastic sorting requires new routines, processes, and equipment for the waste industry across Europe. Geminor is now taking part in the treatment and material recycling of around 50,000 waste bins which are being replaced in the municipality of Karmoy in Norway. The plastic bins will now be made into new products.

The EU’s Waste Framework Directive aims to increase recycling and reduce residual waste, which means that more waste must be sorted and reused as a resource. New requirements for waste sorting mean that municipalities both in Norway and in the EU countries currently are developing new processes for the collection and handling of waste from both households and businesses.

To increase the sorting rate, Karmoy municipality on the west coast of Norway is now introducing new waste bins. Households in the region will shortly be able to sort both waste food, waste plastic, waste paper, glass, and metal in separate bins. Over 65,000 new waste bins will be distributed to households and businesses over the coming months, and the existing bins will be replaced from the beginning of September.

800 tonnes of plastic for recycling

Geminor has recently entered into an agreement with Karmoy municipality for the handling and material recycling of up to 50,000 waste bins, which is close to 800 tonnes of waste plastic, says Country Manager for Geminor in Norway, Kjetil Hausken.

Kjetil Hausken is Country Manager at Geminor Norway.

– Our task is to handle the processing and logistics and ensure that the plastic in the discarded waste bins is reused in a sustainable way. Metal parts and rubber wheels will be removed before the bins are ground into flakes or granules which will be distributed for the production of new plastic products, says Hausken.

– Important to improve waste segregation

Like Karmoy, several other municipalities are now investing millions of Euros in new processes and facilities for waste segregation.

– Being part of the waste management industry, we see that proper waste segregation is essential in order to increase the recycling rate in Europe. Facilitating this development is important in order to reach our sustainability goals, concludes CM for Geminor in Norway, Kjetil Hausken.

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