Geminor secures waste wood contracts in Norway

HAF and Midtstoel Transport AS are two of many companies Geminor recently signed new contracts with. The agreements open for increased treatment and export of waste wood for material recycling and energy recovery.

Geminor has recently won several tenders for waste wood treatment and logistics in Norway. Among the new contracts, Geminor has secured an agreement with Helgeland Avfallsforedling IKS (HAF) for 3,500 tonnes of waste wood annually. This wood will be sent for energy recovery at Jämtkraft AB in Östersund municipality in Sweden.

Midtstoel Transport AS in Arendal, Norway, has also renewed the contract with Geminor for up to 6000 tonnes of waste wood the coming year. The wood will be sent to Sweden for both energy recovery and material recycling.

Kjetil Hausken is Country Manager at Geminor Norway.

– There is currently a great demand for waste wood, but at the same time we see a decline in available wood in the market. An important reason for this is that the construction industry in Norway and Europe is slowing down due to cost and supply issues. At the moment, many municipalities are experiencing as much as a 50 percent reduction in the waste wood volumes they receive, says Country Manager for Geminor in Norway, Kjetil Hausken.

– We are now working with new and alternative solutions and streams to help increase the volumes of wood and ease the situation for many offtakers in the time to come, says Kjetil Hausken at Geminor.

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