Massive increase in Danish waste wood export

Geminor increased its Danish waste wood export by 60 percent in 2021, making Denmark the fastest growing waste wood market in Europe. –The demand for waste wood has never been higher, explains Development Manager at Geminor DK, Freja M. Bechmann.

In 2021, Geminor Group handled more than 104 000 tonnes of waste wood for material recycling. 80 000 of these were handled and treated by Geminor in Denmark, which is an increase of 30 000 tonnes – or 60 percent – from 2020.

This makes Denmark the fastest growing and by far the biggest Geminor market for waste wood treatment.

– The waste wood market is growing considerably in Europe. In one year, the prices have increased fivefold due to higher demand both within material recycling and energy recovery in Scandinavia and Europe, says Development Manager at Geminor DK, Freja M. Bechmann.

– This year we expect to increase our waste wood business in Denmark to over 120 000 tonnes, says Bechmann.

More material recycling

All A2 waste wood that Geminor DK exported last year, went to material recycling. The A2 wood was first sorted, ground and quality controlled at Geminor’s HUB in Køge before it was shipped to Riga for the production of panelboards.

Development Manager at Geminor DK, Freja Bechmann.

Geminor cooperates both with municipal and private waste wood producers in Denmark, working to find the right quantity and quality in a deficit market.

– With an increased panelboard production in Europe, combined with the general lack of biomass feedstock and a current ban on Russian wood, there is now a higher demand for waste wood than we have experienced in a long time.

– At the same time, we are noticing a more positive attitude towards facilitating waste wood recycling both in Denmark and internationally. Wood constitutes an increasingly important part of the circular economy in the EU, which is also why we are intensifying our efforts within this fraction, concludes Development Manager at Geminor DK, Freja M. Bechmann.

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