Geminor reaches ten years of RDF-supply to Landskrona Energi

The Swedish EfW-plant Landskrona Energi has reached a milestone with over 10 years of energy production. Geminor has been a trusted fuel supplier since the beginning, a collaboration that is now being extended.

Landskrona Energi

10 years have passed since Landskrona Energi’s EfW plant was opened for district heating and electricity production in the region of Skaane, southern Sweden. The plant currently has a capacity of 60,000 tonnes of Refuse-derived Fuel (RDF) per year, as well as 20,000 tonnes of waste wood (class 1) and 10,000 tonnes of wood chips. At full production, the company can supply 50 MW of electricity and 160,000 MW of heat a year from the boiler alone.

The first ten years since opening have been productive for the company, but the last two years of COVID have created some turbulence, explains Stefan Nyrud, Head of Production at Landskrona Energi.

Stefan Nyrud is Head of Production at Landskrona Energi.

– From the time that COVID hit us in March 2020 and until April last year, there have been challenges obtaining enough secondary fuels. At the turn of the year 2020-21 we almost ran out of RDF, something we have never experienced before. As a result, we had to replace RDF with around 1,000 tonnes of waste wood. The past months have really shown us the importance of storage capacity and predictable supply.

Challenging times

The limitations on travel during COVID have also brought some challenges, Nyrud explains.

– Due to the importance of high-quality waste fuels in the operation of our boiler we normally have regular visits to waste suppliers. For obvious reasons, this has been very difficult in the past year. In addition, times of market fluctuations and new regulations can be challenging to deal with.

– Our secondary fuels supplies have mostly been delivered from the Swedish and Norwegian markets, but we have also received RDF from both Germany and Italy in recent years, says Stefan Nyrud.

Still, the COVID period has not only been negative for Landskrona Energi.

– In fact, we have had a very good efficiency rate on our 10-year-old boiler during this period, and 2020 was our best year in production with 97 percent boiler uptime. The explanation is probably that we have had good audit planning and therefore fewer operational challenges in the last couple of years, says Nyrud.

Extends 10 years of cooperation

Geminor has delivered around 30,000 tonnes of RDF annually to Landskrona Energi over the past 10 years. This is about 50 percent of the total volume of fuels that has been supplied to the Swedish EfW plant.

Per Mernelius, CM at Geminor in Sweden.

Country Manager for Geminor in Sweden, Per Mernelius, is now looking forward to continuing the collaboration.

– We are delighted to be able to continue this supply also in 2022, says Mernelius.

– In fact, when looking back in time, this partnership is a good example of how the waste market is constantly changing. In the first years, Landskrona Energi had to pay for the waste fuel we supplied them with, but after 2015 the plant has received gatefees for the volumes they incinerate.

– Ensuring good and stable deliveries of RDF, SRF, and other factions have been a challenge for many industry players in the past months. This emphasizes the importance of having access to different waste markets, having sufficient storage capacity, and having reliable solutions for transport, concludes Per Mernelius in Geminor Sweden.

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