Opens automated SRF-line to supply leading cement producer

Geminor has implemented a new production line to secure the right design and volumes of SRF for cement producer Aalborg Portland in Denmark.

In 2020, Geminor signed a contract with cement producer Aalborg Portland for the delivery of 120 000 tonnes of SRF over a period of three years. The contract came into effect 1. January 2021, initiating the development of a new production line for the design of SRF-fuels for the leading cement producer.

SRF in production. Foto: Johny Kristensen

The production line is now open at Geminor’s HUB in Aalborg, Denmark. The annual production capacity will be over 40 000 tonnes of SRF, says Account & Development Manager at Geminor, Per Cederberg.

– This is a modern shredding and mixing facility which is developed to deliver quality waste fuels for Aalborg Portland’s cement kiln. Our strength is that we can source feedstock from many parts of Europe and complete the fuel by sorting, designing and “fine-tuning” waste fractions. In this way we manage to produce consistent quality according to requirements on chlorine, biomass and other content, says Per Cederberg.

Per Cederberg is in charge of cement fuels at Geminor.

– This production line can deliver fuel with a high degree of homogeneity and stability over time. That makes it one-of-a-kind in Denmark today, says Cederberg.

GWT in charge of production

Geminor subsidiary, Geminor Waste Treatment (GWT), will operate the production line in Aalborg. From infeed to output, the line consists of several units, explains the manager at GWT, Johan Olø.

– Our new production line runs almost completely automatically. We have a chain feeding conveyor from Westeria, with two meters width, that also works as a bunker for bulk material. The Metso 4000-8 is a very robust pre-shredder that can handle big contaminations, a unit that shreds the material into 0-300 mm fractions.

– In addition, a Steinert electric overband magnet sorts out metals from the waste. Finally, a cross-conveyor feeds a fine-shredder – Metso 3550 – which produces 0-20 to 0-100 mm material depending on demand, says Johan Olø.

Managing director at GWT, Johan Olø.

The partnership with Aalborg Portland helps Geminor to further develop biogenic and high-quality SRF, says Cederberg.

– Aalborg Portland has an ambitious goal of a 75 percent substitution rate. This will require close cooperation with suppliers regarding the right blend and feedstock. The new production line in Aalborg is a good example of an industry initiative that makes cement production considerably more sustainable, concludes Account & Development Manager at Geminor, Per Cederberg.

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