Geminor signs two new Danish waste wood contracts

Geminor recently signed two new agreements for the handling and export of Danish waste wood. The contracts with the Danish companies Affaldplus and ARGO have a total volume of 31,000 tonnes annually and will run until 2023.

Geminor is increasing its operations within material recycling of waste wood in Denmark. The resource management company recently signed an agreement with the inter-municipal companies ARGO and Affaldplus – contracts that will take effect from 1. September this year with a duration of 15 months.

During this period, Geminor will handle approx. 19,000 tonnes of wood chips annually for ARGO, and around 12,000 tonnes annually for Affaldplus.

The waste wood is primarily shipped to Latvia and Germany, where the chips will be used in the panelboard industry. Before export, the wood is collected and brought to Geminors HUB in Køge, where quality control is carried out.

Kasper Thomsen, Geminor CM in Denmark.

More export of Danish wood

Country Manager for Geminor in Denmark, Kasper Thomsen, is pleased to enter yet another agreement with key Danish waste industry players.

– Material recycling of waste wood is one of the largest and most important examples of a circular economy in Europe today. Geminor recognizes the importance of this work and is increasing investments within waste wood both in Denmark and other markets in Europe, says Thomsen.

– The volumes that we now handle for ARGO and Affaldplus will be part of a new and important stream within material recycling of waste wood. We look forward to expanding our collaboration with both companies, and contributing to the most sustainable utilization of Danish waste wood possible, concludes Country Manager in Geminor DK, Kasper Thomsen.

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