First ever export of Polish loose RDF to Sweden

The walking-floor trucks that arrived in Landskrona in Sweden this month, represent the first ever export of loose RDF from Poland. Truck transport is part of a new and more flexible stream of waste fuels to Scandinavia.

Geminor has been present in Poland since spring 2020, and has already started the export of baled RDF by ship to Sweden. Now the Polish authorities have granted permission to export loose RDF and Mixed Solid Waste (MSW) by walking floor trucks, making Geminor the first company to commence cross-border transport of loose waste fuels from Poland to Sweden.

The export will commence with up to ten walking floor trucks per week, each with a capacity of 23 tonnes. The total volume will reach as much as 10 000 tonnes by the end of 2021.

Loose RDF on walking-floor truck.

Country Manager for Geminor in Sweden, Per Mernelius, explains the importance of export by walking floor trucks.

– At the moment we are developing more practical logistics for the import and distribution of Polish RDF in Sweden. The transport will go to our HUB in Landskrona, where we have treatment and storage facilities, and will from there be distributed directly to partners all over southern Sweden.

– Truck transport of loose RDF is subject to ferry transport and therefore more expensive than shipping, but this is still a good solution due to the relatively short distance from Poland. The most obvious advantage is the fact that it provides direct and flexible delivery of quality RDF to off-takers who do not have access to harbours, says Country Manager for Geminor in Sweden, Per Mernelius.

Per Mernelius, CM at Geminor in Sweden.

Polish market grows

In the wake of COVID, Poland is about to become an important exporting market for residual waste, explains Country Manager for Geminor in Poland, Andrzej Zientarski.

– The Polish waste market is lacking the infrastructure to treat all waste arisings, hence export of RDF for energy recovery in Scandinavia and other countries is a good solution. Sweden alone has a free treatment capacity of almost 2 million tonnes of RDF. This is why Poland is becoming a new and alternative market for waste fuels for many countries, says Zientarski.

– Presently, Geminor is working both for more flexible transboundary waste shipment regulations and more practical logistic solutions to improve the possibilities for Polish waste export. Being the first exporter of loose RDF and MSW from Poland is yet another milestone reached, concludes Country Manager for Geminor in Poland, Andrzej Zientarski.

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CM in Geminor Poland, Andrzej Zientarski.