Geminor to supply plastic feedstock to new chemical recycling plant in England

ReNew ELP and Geminor UK have entered an agreement for the supply of treated waste plastics for chemical recycling. The UK-based tech company is currently constructing a recycling plant that will be in operation from 2022.

ReNew ELP has commenced the construction of an advanced plastic recycling site in Teesside, UK, to chemically recycle plastic waste into feedstock for new plastic products. The plant is based on HydroPRS™ technology (Hydrothermal Plastic Recycling Solution), an advanced recycling process that uses supercritical water to convert waste plastics into shorter chain hydrocarbon products. These raw ingredients will be used in the manufacture of feedstocks to create new plastics.

On completion, the new site will have four recycling lines, each able to process 20,000 tonnes of plastic waste annually. The first phase of the project will be in operation by the end of 2022.

Geminor is the main supplier

Geminor UK Ltd recently signed a contract to act as principal feedstock supplier to the North East-based project. The agreement with ReNew ELP will send between 15 000 and 20 000 tonnes of PE- and PP-rich plastic feedstock to the plant, which is almost all plastic volumes in the first phase of production.

The main waste plastic feedstock is post-consumer, contaminated plastic packaging, including flexible materials such as films, pots, tubs, and trays which until now have been considered unrecyclable.

James Maiden, Country Manager at Geminor UK Ltd, is pleased to have agreed to the contract to supply the feedstock to the Wilton ReNew ELP facility.

Country Manager at Geminor UK, James Maiden.

– We look forward to working with the ReNew ELP team to establish the supply of waste plastics to the plant. Geminor is very supportive of ground-breaking projects such as ReNew ELP, which enable us to develop new streams of secondary feedstock supply to our offtake partners, and to move materials we manage for our customers up the waste hierarchy, says Maiden.

– Developing the supply chain for the plant will support Geminor’s drive to develop lower carbon-based feedstock streams in other areas of the market, providing a progressive and reliable route for the recycling of waste plastics.

Richard Daley, Managing Director at ReNew ELP, comments on the partnership.

Richard Daley at Renew ELP.

– We are delighted to announce that our feedstock capacity for the first 20,000-tonne line is now fulfilled via our partnership with Geminor. This marks a milestone stage in the development of this first HydroPRS™ recycling facility. The new partnership represents another great step forward for the development of our plastic recycling facility, says Daley.

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