Geminor wins its first public tender for residual waste in Denmark

The development towards a privatized waste market has led to Geminor's first contract for the transport and treatment of RDF in Denmark. In a four-year period, Geminor will handle almost 120,000 tonnes of RDF for Vejen municipality.

The contract between Vejen municipality and Geminor DK, which was recently won through a public tender process, starts on 1. January 2022 and constitutes the transport and treatment of 30,000 tonnes of RDF annually. The contract lasts for four years with a total volume of up to 120,000 tonnes.

The volumes of RDF will be delivered to offtakers such as Fjernvarme Fyn, Renosyd and Hammel Fjernvarme.

This is a milestone for Geminor, says Country Manager in Denmark, Kasper Thomsen.

– The contract with Vejen municipality may not be our largest, but it constitutes our first public contract in Denmark. This means that we from now on will be able to sort and treat Danish waste like we do in other markets.

– The market development we are seeing at the moment is a result of Danish authorities’ wish to explore the benefits of a more privatized waste market. In such a market, recycling players such as Geminor can facilitate an efficient distribution and utilization of waste resources, says Thomsen.

A changing market

The contract with Vejen municipality is an example of a coming trend and a streamlining of the recycling and recovery processes, says Kasper Thomsen.

Kasper Thomsen, Geminor CM in Denmark.

– Being an international industry player, Geminor will be able to give its Danish partners guarantees of delivery and create more flexibility and a higher level of service for both off-takers and producers. In addition, we will be able to extract more wood and plastic from the waste – which in turn will increase both material and chemical recycling, says Thomsen.

Geminor’s ambition is to ensure both the quality and volumes for the Danish energy recovery plants, and at the same time deliver homogenous fractions to international off-takers when necessary.

– A more privatized Danish waste market will lead to better utilization of the Danish waste. In the time to come, we intend to work closely with the Danish incineration plants to create more efficient waste fractions. It is both necessary and important for Geminor to contribute to this development in Denmark and internationally, concludes Country Manager for Geminor DK, Kasper Thomsen.

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