Geminor becomes sole supplier for new district heating plant in Sweden

A brand-new district heating plant, which currently is being built in Säffle in Sweden, is based on the latest and most efficient technology available. A cooperation with plant owner Värmevärden makes Geminor the sole supplier of waste fuel for the plant, which is scheduled to open in December.

Sweden’s leading energy producer Värmevärden AB is currently building a modern district heating plant in Värmland county in western Sweden. The project will provide sustainable heat for many households and businesses in Säffle in the years to come. When the Säffle plant is ready to open in December, it will have a price tag of around 280 million Swedish kroner (28 million euros). The boiler will be able to deliver heat equivalent to 50,000 MWh a year.

This is a small, but very efficient district heating plant, says head of plant development and fuel strategy in Värmevärden, Bjorn Soderberg.

– The plant will have a modern cleaning technology, a so-called catalytic purification step. Hence, the boiler in Säffle will be state of the art when it comes to reducing, among other things, nitric oxide. The plant can be monitored externally, and have systems that use AI technology to optimize production, Soderberg explains.

The new plant in Sweden is small but efficient.

– The new boiler is robust and flexible enough to handle many different types of fuel, which will be necessary for the future. One of the strengths of district heating is that it allows us to utilize fuel depending on what is best for society and the environment at all times. In this way we can make all of our waste into a resource, says Soderberg.

– Traditionally, it has been difficult to build small boilers that are flexible on fuel, but in the future, we will be able to build more efficient boilers of this size in several of our district heating networks, Soderberg says.

Sole supplier

Geminor recently signed a contract to become the sole supplier of RDF to the plant in Säffle. In the agreement, Geminor will deliver 18,000 tonnes in the coming year, with an option of five more years.

– It is not common to be granted the exclusive right to deliver waste fuels in a project such as this, and we see this contract as a declaration of trust. This assignment demands the full width of our international portfolio, as well as efficient and sustainable transport and storage of RDF, says Country Manager for Geminor in Sweden, Per Mernelius.

Per Mernelius, CM at Geminor in Sweden.

– This is a modern and very efficient boiler that requires homogeneous quality fuel, something we can and will deliver. We look forward to embarking on this project, says Per Mernelius.

– We know Geminor well from a long-term collaboration. Being the sole supplier to this plant is a big responsibility, and a good partnership is required for us to succeed with the heat delivery to Säffle. We fully trust Geminor on delivering to this project, concludes head of plant development and fuel strategy in Värmevärden, Bjorn Soderberg.

You can follow the construction development of the plant here! 

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