Geminor opens Baltic SRF-stream

A new contract will send 10 000 tonnes of high-calorific German SRF for cement production in the Baltics. This is Geminor’s first export of SRF from Germany to the region.

The first load of solid recovered fuel (SRF) bound for the Baltics was sent by walking floor trucks in the second week of February. The transport marked the beginning of a one-year agreement for the delivery of a total of 10 000 tonnes of SRF to a cement producer in the Baltics.

The waste fuel is designed and adapted for the off-taker, explains Hannes Hefler, Senior Account Manager at Geminor in Germany.

– This material has a high calorific value from 22 MJ and upwards, with a size smaller than 30 mm. This gives it sufficient quality to be used as mainburner fuel, a fraction in high demand as the cement plants gradually reach higher substitutions rates.

Hannes Hefler at Geminor

– The SRF we are supplying is based on packaging waste from take-back systems in Germany, and mostly contains sorting rests that cannot be used for material recycling, says Hannes Hefler.

High demand for quality SRF

The new waste stream from Germany is part of a 30 000 tonnes annual supply from different European markets, Hefler explains.

– We have had a long and thorough notification process and have now received approval from the authorities. This makes the new stream a reliable, sustainable, and lasting option for SRF-producers in Germany, says Hefler.

– The Baltics is a perfect destination when it comes to logistics, and we have several transport options such as bulk, container, ro-ro, and truck transport. There is always a demand for high-quality SRF, especially within cement production, and the stream from Germany will lead to more opportunities in the Baltics, concludes Senior Account Manager Hannes Hefler at Geminor in Germany.