Geminor delivered record waste volumes despite COVID

Geminor achieved all-time high volumes within waste for energy recovery and material recycling in Europe in 2020. The company is once again the biggest exporter of RDF from England.

The rail transport of waste increased in Geminor in 2020.

Despite the ongoing COVID challenges, 2020 was an unexpectedly good year for resource management company Geminor. The company increased treatment and handling of waste fractions for recycling and recovery by more than 300,000 tonnes – from 1 429 000 tonnes in 2019, to 1 733 000 tonnes in 2020. This is a total increase of 21 percent. Simultaneously, the company turnover increased by 29 percent – from EUR 120 million to EUR 155 million.

The COVID pandemic has not affected the industry as badly as once feared, explains CEO at Geminor, Kjetil Vikingstad.

– In April last year I had very little faith in a record result for 2020, and from then on it was all about making the best of the situation. A more stable market towards the end of the year assisted in making this record possible, says Vikingstad.

Biggest RDF exporter in England

For the third year in a row, Geminor also became the largest exporter of RDF from England, with a total of 248,315 tonnes in 2020. The company maintained its leading position in a declining UK export market – one of the clearest consequences of the COVID pandemic for the industry in Europe.

CEO at Geminor, Kjetil Vikingstad.

– Export volumes of waste from the UK and Finland fell in 2020, but apart from this, we had growth in all of the European markets we operate in. The Norwegian market grew by 10 percent from 2019, and we doubled our volumes in Denmark last year, says Vikingstad.

– The most important reason for the growth in volumes is our entry into new markets, with new offices in Poland, France, and Italy. At the same time, the acquisition of the Norwegian recycling company Rekom has increased our total volume for 2020, says Kjetil Vikingstad.

More waste to material recycling

The proportion of waste for material recycling also increased significantly for Geminor in 2020.

– In 2017, none of the waste we handled went to material recycling. Last year we landed a total of 140,000 tonnes. 90,000 of this was waste wood, which mainly was treated and delivered for the production of panelboards. In 2020, we also delivered 50,000 tonnes of paper for recycling, says Vikingstad.

– Chemical recycling of waste plastics will also become increasingly important in the future. Plastics, waste wood and paper will in total amount to 1 million tonnes for Geminor over the coming three-year period, concludes CEO at Geminor, Kjetil Vikingstad.

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