– Being prepared is crucial in dealing with Brexit challenges

The Brexit agreement between the UK and the EU came into effect in January. – Geminor has made preparations to deal with potential industry challenges, says Geminor Country Manager UK, James Maiden.

The Brexit deal was finally signed and put into effect this month after long-lasting negotiations. The agreement means new regulations for the import and export of commodities between the UK and the EU – changes which also affect the waste management industry.

Geminor Country Manager in the UK, James Maiden, has for some time been planning and finding solutions to uphold the waste streams both to and from the region, and thus maintain “business as usual” for producers and off-takers both at home and abroad.

– We started early to map possible consequences of Brexit on the industry, and are still trying to work out all the long- and short term-impacts Brexit will have on the market. Regulations regarding imports and exports of waste for material recycling and energy recovery are more or less the same, apart from hazardous waste, which no longer can be imported to the UK, from the EU says Maiden.

Country Manager at Geminor UK, James Maiden.

– Brexit has made EU import and export a formfilling exercise, with custom fees and more bureaucracy to deal with. Geminor has obtained customs clearance software, and spent resources for training and putting it into use. Developing and implementing new routines as quickly as possible is important in this process, says Maiden.

Sourcing and Supply of 500 000 tonnes of fuels

The new customs regulations will not change Geminor export and import ambitions for 2021, James Maiden explains.

– It was reasonably foreseeable that transport between Dover and Calais would be the biggest challenge. The UK business has always operated from a diversified port network, but in order to make our logistics more resilient through the Brexit period, we have diversified this further for shipment this year. We expect to maintain our position as the RDF-exporter from the UK managing the largest volume at approx. 500 000 tonnes per year.

The transition into becoming a non-member of the EU has gone more seamlessly for the UK than expected. COVID has in fact led to more cross-border challenges than Brexit so far, according to Maiden.

– For those who planned well, the Brexit challenges are minimal. However, many of the industry players both in the UK, the Nordics, and the EU who did not expect the deal to be closed, may find the adaption process more stressful. Having clients and off-takers in many different markets, Geminor needed to prepare for any outcome of the Brexit situation. Keeping waste fuel streams open and finding alternative volumes and logistics within the EU has been our primary focus, says Geminor Country Manager in the UK, James Maiden.

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