Vesar and Geminor sign a three-year contract

The intermunicipal waste company Vesar has signed a three-year contract with Geminor for the transport and recovery of sorted household waste. The contract can be extended by two years.

“Vestfold Avfall og Ressurs AS” (Vesar) is a waste company owned by six municipalities in the district of Vestfold and Telemark South-Eastern Norway. The recently signed agreement will be implemented on 1. January 2021 and has a duration of three years with the possibility of a two-year extension.

During this period, Geminor will handle 30,000 tonnes of collected household waste annually from the municipalities. The agreement also includes around 8000 tonnes of reject from the biogas producer Greve Biogass. The reject is material that is excreted in the pre-treatment of food waste.

Kjetil Hausken, CM in Norway.

– This is the first time Geminor and Vesar are cooperating, and we are very to see the company becoming a client and business partner. This is a long-term contract that ensures quality volumes for some of our most important offtakers, says Kjetil Hausken, Country Manager for Geminor in Norway.

Kristin Fossum, project manager at Geminor, says that the waste will be utilized for energy recovery at Sarpsborg Avfallsenergi AS and Borregaard production plants.

– In this contract we commit to sustainable transport of the recovered waste, and all transport will be run on biogas shortly after start-up. For this assignment we have engaged the company Litra transport, which has a modern and environmentally friendly fleet of trucks. We will also deliver on the tender requirement of 80 percent energy utilization of the waste, says Kristin Fossum in Geminor.

Kristin Fossum at Geminor

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