Presented rail-imported Italian RDF to industry guests in Sweden

Geminor's new waste stream runs from the Naples region to Geminor's Swedish HUB in Landskrona. The first load of baled Italian RDF was recently presented to industry guests from all over Sweden.

The Italian waste transported by rails to Sweden this week originates from a batch of baled RDF stored in the Campania region outside of Naples. A total volume of around five million tonnes of RDF has been stored here for as long as 15 years, and is now being exported for energy recovery in Europe. The first load of around 300 tonnes arrived at Geminor’s HUB in Landskrona, where it is treated and forwarded to off-takers in the region.

Geminor’s Country Manager, Per Mernelius, used the opportunity to invite industry representatives to Landskrona for a presentation of the RDF, logistics and transport solutions.

– The Italian RDF is a quality product we wanted to show both our existing and potential off-takers in Sweden, and this was our very first opportunity to do so. We planned well to make this a safe visit for our guests in regards to COVID-19, and were happy to welcome almost 30 industry representatives to our HUB in Landskrona this week, says Per Mernelius.

Per Mernelius, CM at Geminor in Sweden.

Geminor’s representative in Italy, Michele Benvenuti, was present in Landskrona to present the transport route and the value chain of the Italian RDF.

– The Italian RDF is based on sorted household waste where organic material and metals have been completely removed. After 15 years of storage, the waste is almost completely odorless and because there is no industrial waste in it, chlorine is also very low. This makes it easy both to handle and transport, whether it is by tuck, seacontainers, ship or rails, says Benvenuti.

Scandinavian import

RDF from the Italian batch has already been shipped to the Netherlands for use in the production of electricity, industrial steam and district heating. Now the door is opened for large-scale imports to Sweden and other Scandinavian countries as well, Per Mernelius explains.

Italian RDF imported by train transport.

– COVID-19 has reduced export volumes from the UK considerably, and the market is more volatile than ever. Therefore, we have intensified our search for volumes in other countries, and Italy has been a very good alternative in that respect. Campania now offers good volumes of high-quality RDF, and now that logistics, transport and traceability is in place it is really only a question of regional demand. This should be good news for many off-takers in Scandinavia, says Mernelius.

With almost five million tonnes of baled waste ready for export, the RDF stored outside of Naples can support the European markets in many years to come. Geminor has the capacity to move 30-40,000 tonnes of this RFD by rails to Landskrona in 2021.

– An invite and a presentation of this kind is not a common activity for us, but the response has been overwhelming. We will repeat this event as soon as the opportunity arises, concludes country manager for Geminor in Sweden, Per Mernelius.