Aalborg Portland and Geminor sign major SRF-contract

Geminor has signed an agreement for the delivery of 120,000 tonnes of SRF to cement producer Aalborg Portland. Geminor now invests more than EUR 1,5 million in a production line to design new fuels in Aalborg.

The contract between cement producer Aalborg Portland and Geminor DK involves an annual delivery of 40,000 tonnes of SRF (Solid Recovered Fuel) over three years, with an option for another two years. The agreement could end at a total of 200,000 tonnes of SRF, which is one of the largest contracts Geminor has ever signed in Denmark.

The contract commences on 1. January 2021, and full capacity for deliveries will be in place before the end of first quarter next year, says Country Manager for Geminor DK, Kasper Thomsen.

Kasper Thomsen, Geminor CM in Denmark.

– We are very pleased to extend our cooperation with Aalborg Portland, which has been running for several years already. This agreement entails a significant increase in volumes and constitutes a natural development of our collaboration, says Thomsen.

Geminor Waste Treatment opens in Denmark

Geminor recently established a new HUB for the production and storage of waste for material recycling and energy recovery in the port of Aalborg. The new contract now opens up for investment in a new production line for SRF at the HUB, Kasper Thomsen explains.

– In order to deliver high quality design fuel, our subsidiary Geminor Waste Treatment (GWT) is now establishing a branch in Denmark. GWT is in charge of the treatment of waste for energy and material recycling in all markets – and will now also be involved in a EUR 1,5 million investment in new machinery and employees in our HUB in Aalborg, says Thomsen.

– Together with Aalborg Portland we will sort, design and “fine-tune” a waste fraction that meets strict requirements regarding chlorine, biomass and other content. A goal in the long run is to create a good replacement for both petcoke and coal, and thus deliver in line with existing climate goals and the recent Danish waste regulations, says Thomsen.

Geminor HUB in Aalborg


An expansion of the production activity in Aalborg could potentially be beneficial to other major projects, including the sorting of waste plastics for partner Quantafuel’s chemical recycling plant in Denmark.

– The cooperation with Aalborg Portland and the further development of our new HUB in Aalborg is in line with our plans to work more upstream in the waste market in Denmark. This is another step in the right direction, because the waste is now coming to better use at every level in the “waste hierarchy”. For us it is all about ensuring stable deliveries, but also about efficient use of resources within both energy recovery or material recycling, concludes Country Manager in Geminor DK, Kasper Thomsen.

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