Geminor exports first ever baled RDF from Poland

A truck load of baled RDF bound for Norway represents the first ever export of waste fuels from Poland. For resource management company Geminor, this constitutes the beginning of an important and sustainable international waste stream.

On 30th. of September, the first ever baled refuse-derived fuel (RDF) export volume left Poland by curtain-side truck transport. The waste fuel arrived at energy-from-waste off-taker Kvitebjørn Bio-el AS in the Norwegian town of Fredrikstad two days later, on the 2. October.

By middle of October, the first three loads of baled RDF have been exported from Poland, reports Geminor Country Manager, Andrzej Zientarski.

– We are happy to finally include Poland in the European waste fuels export market, and very pleased to play a leading role in this introduction. Poland has been a receiving market for years, mostly in waste wood, but is now also ready to export their surplus waste fractions, says Andrzej Zientarski.

CM in Geminor Poland, Andrzej Zientarski.

– Due to lack of incineration capacity, big volumes of residual waste would normally end up as landfill in Poland. This export gives the Poles access to the international markets for energy recovery, and is the most sustainable way of handling their waste, says Zientarski.

Expanding with new markets

The non-recyclable industrial low-CV waste has been subject to thorough test analysis to secure quality of the shipment to Scandinavia, explains CEO of Geminor, Kjetil Vikingstad.

–  The export process has been more difficult than normal due to COVID-19 and travel restrictions. However, our local expertise has made us able to give quality assurances to all our partners, says Vikingstad.

The first waste stream to Norway is part of a 45 000 tonnes long-term contract with the off-taker company. This is only the first of many Polish export streams to come.

CEO at Geminor, Kjetil Vikingstad.

– The operation looks promising and we are committed to open new markets soon. We will continue by exporting Polish RDF to Sweden in early November, and the German market will follow in the months to come. We are expecting a quick growth of Polish RDF exports in 2021 and will be focusing on facilitating this, concludes CEO of Geminor, Kjetil Vikingstad.

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