New volume record in spite of COVID-19

Geminor's HUB in Oxelösund in Sweden is back on track after a spring influenced by COVID-19. In July, the HUB set a new record by receiving almost 10,000 tonnes of waste fuels for energy recovery.

The spring of 2020 has been a turbulent one for the majority of the waste industry, with great variation and uncertainty regarding volumes, transport and turnover of waste for material recycling or energy recovery. Gradually, the industry is returning to normal, and Geminor’s HUB in Oxelösund is no exception.

Geminor’s HUB is located by the harbor in Oxelösund, a few miles south of Stockholm, and is the company’s largest HUB measured in volume with a turnover of around 90,000 tonnes of RDF and SRF per year. The HUB functions as both a transit, storage and treatment station for waste fuels, which is mainly imported from the UK and delivered as high quality fractions to the biggest Energy-from-Waste plants in the region.

Country Manager for Geminor in Sweden, Per Mernelius, comments on new data showing a surprisingly early comeback for the import of waste fuels to the HUB.

– We had a significant volume drop in May due to COVID-19, with almost 6000 tonnes less compared to the same period in 2019. But during the month of June we managed to climb to the same volume as the year before. The biggest reason for this is that we mixed and tested materials from different waste producers, developing a quality fraction that made it possible to maintain deliveries to our partners in the Stockholm region, says Mernelius.

Per Mernelius, CM at Geminor in Sweden.

– The most interesting development is that we reached our highest volume ever in one single month, with 9,520 tonnes, in July. This represents an increase of as much as 38 percent compared to July last year. After the crisis we felt in May, we have in the period June-September actually delivered more volume in 2020 compared to the same period in 2019.

It is a solid comeback which arrived earlier than we had expected, and gives us a good indication that the waste industry is getting back on track, says Country Manager for Geminor in Sweden, Per Mernelius.