Geminor appointed exclusive agent on landfill waste in Europe

Norwegian waste operator Perpetuum makes Geminor an exclusive agent on European landfill waste.


Perpetuum is Northern Norway’s largest privately-owned waste and landfill operator. Last year, Perpetuum entered an agreement with Geminor, making the Geminor group exclusive agent for bringing Per- and polyfluorinated alkyl substances (PFAS) from Europe. The PFAS-contaminated masses are to be deposited in Perpetuum’s new and high-tech landfill facilities in the arctic county of Troms.

This contract has now been extended to contain all types of waste meant for landfill from the European continent, explains Account and Development Manager at Geminor, Bjørn

Bjørn Håland at Geminor


– The agreement is extended to cater for growing masses of landfill waste in Europe, such as asbestos, insulation materials, environmental toxins and other related substances. There is a growing need of such services due to decreasing European capacity, says Håland.

– COVID-19 is slowing Europe down, but the problem with landfill waste does not go away. What makes this complex, is finding good logistical solutions regarding export, import and safe, sustainable transport. Geminor’s head office is in Norway, supported by permanent offices in the UK, Finland, Denmark, Sweden, Germany, Poland, France and Italy. The group has long and extensive experience in handling complex waste streams in a safe and cost-efficient manner, says Håland.

– Currently we have an capacity of about 700 000 tonnes of landfill waste. A new cell for an additional 1 million tonnes is under construction. Our plan is to assist as many clients as possible in the different European markets, says Account and Development Manager at Geminor, Bjørn Håland.

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