Calls for a joint effort to uphold waste streams

The Corona virus is now creating challenges for waste industry players all over Europe. – The waste industry is part of society’s critical infrastructure and must not come to a standstill, says Geminor CEO, Kjetil Vikingstad.


The outbreak of the Coronavirus COVID-19 is affecting large parts of society and is becoming a significant challenge for the waste industry in Europe. The consequences will be considerable if we fail to collect and treat all the waste we produce, says CEO Kjetil Vikingstad at waste management company Geminor.

– Presently, we are in a force majeure situation, and everyone should take precautions to avoid spreading infection. Simultaneously, we have to keep the industry running to the best of our ability, so that we avoid the accumulation of waste in the logistics- and value chain. If waste is not collected, we will have consequences like increased risk of pests or the spreading of diseases. This is a situation we must work actively to avoid, says Kjetil Vikingstad.

Taking measures

Being an international waste management company, Geminor follows the waste industry closely all over Europe and is now in dialogue with waste producers, offtakers, transporters and authorities. The ambition is to find solutions to ensure continuity of waste disposal services and storage capacity for waste fuels in the months to come.

CEO at Geminor, Kjetil Vikingstad.

– We recommend all industry players to keep up production to the best of their ability. The Corona virus is likely to have an impact on storage, logistics and offtaker capacity – and will have financial consequences for many companies. Flexibility, innovation and the ability to find smart, short-term solutions will be important for the industry in times like these, says Vikingstad.

Geminor is now working on a three-month contingency plan to ensure continued operations for company business partners.

Geminor offices are also affected by Corona virus restrictions, and most employees are now working from their homes. All travel and physical meetings are canceled. Despite these efforts, Geminor is fully running and ready to serve all customers and business associates.

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