Geminor approved for rail transport in Sweden

Geminor introduces rail transport of recovered waste after HUB in Landskrona is granted industrial rail permission.

Being present in several countries in Europe and Scandinavia, resource management company Geminor has for long had the ambition to transport recovered waste by rail. After a three year long application process, Geminor is finally granted permission to operate freight by rail to and from their Swedish HUB in Landskrona.

The Security Permit given by Swedish infrastructure department, “Transportstyrelsen”, is presenting a new option in transporting waste fuels within both Scandinavia and Europe, says Country Manager Sweden at Geminor, Per Mernelius.

– We started preparing for this years ago, and the Landskrona HUB has for some time been adapted for rail transport. Now we are very happy to get the permission we need to operate rail freight to our Swedish sorting and storage facility, an option we probably are the very first to offer in the Nordic market, says Mernelius.

– Freight by rail has many advantages. Not only is it quicker and more cost efficient over longer distances – it is also a greener option compared to road transport. Presently there is not enough capacity within road transport services in Europe, which makes rail transport contribute to a more stable and reliable delivery of recovered waste. Rail transport is well developed on the European continent, which opens for faster, cheaper and better transport, says Mernelius.

The Landskrona HUB in southern Sweden handles more than 40 000 tonnes of SRF, RDF and waste wood annually. The option of using freight train companies to deliver and distribute waste fuels makes the HUB more suitable for stocking and supply management.

We still have a long way to go in relation to transporting waste on rails in Europe, says Mernelius.

– Transport by rail is still a novelty in this industry. If we are to fulfil the potential of these services, more industry players need to adapt and facilitate for rails. For longer transport, and for new markets, train is a very promising option in the years to come, says Per Mernelius, Country Manager Sweden at Geminor.

Here you can see a short video of unloading the train