Organizational changes in Geminor

This spring Geminor makes some organisational changes in order to strengthen its position in the market.

1st March 2019 Kjetil Hausken entered the position as Country Manager Norway. He has so far been Senior Account and Development Manager with customer responsibility for region east downstream and responsible for hazardous waste.



From 1st May 2019 Inge Raymond Langhelle will take up the position of Senior Account and Development Manager for the East Region. He has previously been Country Manager for Norway in Geminor and comes back to the company after a short period in other business.


Kjetil Vikingstad will take on the role of CEO of the Geminor Group.



From 1st May 2019, Manfred Rissmann will take up the position of Account and Development Manager for Nord Region in Geminor GmbH in Germany. Rissmann is a graduate diploma process engineer in biotechnology. He has his background from the return slip market in Germany, where he has been responsible for securing waste wood for a larger incineration plant.