This machine saves time, money and storage space

Geminor’s Orkel baling machine wraps shredded waste wood, RDF and SRF, and solves both logistics and capacity challenges. Operating one of only a few mobile baling machines in the market, Geminor is ready to take on both Norway and Europe.

The transportation of waste wood, RDF and SRF to Norwegian and Swedish waste-to-energy facilities is most commonly handled using specialised trucks – so called walking floor trailers. Due to seasonality in off-take of these fuel types, fluctuation in availability of walking floor trucks and unplanned breakdowns of the receiving Energy from Waste plants, baling can be an attractive alternative for many waste producers.

In addition, many waste producers can at times experience an accumulation of waste, leading to problems such as increased fire hazard, pests, lack of space and extra handling costs.

Geminor Waste Treatment AS (GWT), a Geminor subsidiary, has for a long time been working to find a way of reducing problems related to the above mentioned issues. Today, the Orkel Hi-X Compactor is a machine that solves many of these challenges and is used in several of Geminor’s projects in Norway.

Mobile assistance

Petur Haftorsson, Operations Manager at GWT in Norway, explains why the Orkel makes a difference.

– There are many advantages in using a mobile baler, especially within transportation of waste wood. The machine has a capacity of 60 bales of shredded waste wood per hour, which saves a lot of space, prevents the material taking in moisture, and makes it easier to store waste. Baled waste can be transported in  trucks, boats and trains – which makes operations easier and more cost efficient. In addition, the machine is mobile, flexible and easy to operate, says Haftorsson.

In 2018, Geminor carried out various test runs of the machine on waste wood, SRF and RDF, and the Orkel is now being operated by GWT on behalf of many customers in Norway. In some projects the customer provides a sorting machine for feeding the Orkel and wheel loaders for storing the bales. For longer lasting projects, the customers run the Orkel Hi-X Compactor by themselves.

– There are many advantages in using an Orkel – advantages which several market operators are not yet aware of. This is why we believe that the mobile baling machine has not yet reached its full potential, says Petur Haftorsson at GWT.