Changes to EU regulations put driver safety first

Kasper Houmark-Thomsen, Logistics Manager at Geminor Denmark, discusses what changes to EU driver safety will mean for the RDF logistics industry.

Last month, the European Commission announced amendments to Regulation (EC) 561/2006, which covers maximum driving times and minimum respite duration. One of the most significant changes was an amendment to the 45-hour weekly rest period, whereby drivers are no longer allowed to spend this in their cab.

Instead, respite must be taken in adequate accommodation, such as a private resting place or hotel paid for by the employer. Alongside promoting improved driver wellbeing, this new ruling aims to reduce fatigue-related incidents.

As a leading RDF supplier to the European EfW industry, Geminor is committed to improving driver safety. We therefore welcome the amendments to Regulation (EC) 561/2006 and other changes to regulation promoting enhanced wellbeing.

While the added cost of coordinating hotel accommodation for drivers across the continent will increase haulage prices for many logistics providers, we are committed to keeping our prices highly competitive for customers worldwide.

As a group, we remain focused on delivering high quality, superior RDF materials across Europe in the safest, most effective ways possible.