Geminor starts container transport of waste fuels

A logistical partnership with MSC brings Geminor into container transport. – Easier handling and more efficient transport make containers a good option, explains senior Account Manager at Geminor UK, Oliver Caunce.

Since February this year, Geminor has been engaged in a partnership with container specialist MSC, transporting RDF and SRF from UK and Ireland. The first shipments have gone from Barking and Nottingham to Aalborg in Denmark, later to be followed up by container shipments from Birmingham to Habberstad in Sweden and Dublin to Greece.

The shipments of waste in containers are based on so called backload, or the repositioning of empty containers, making the transport both economical and more sustainable.

Senior Account Manager at Geminor UK, Oliver Caunce, comments on the new cargo transport.

– There are many pros with container transport, which is why we have decided to make this a part of our mix of logistical solutions. The handling of the treated waste is mostly easier, and there is lower risk of odour and degradation of the material during transit. Backload of containers also makes the transport sustainable and more cost efficient.

– Moving waste from the UK to Scandinavia can also be completed with trailers, but we will continue to use containers where this is the best option. Currently we are moving containers with RDF and SRF from Dublin to Greece and Spain, where container shipment is a more efficient way of transport, says Senior Account Manager at Geminor UK, Oliver Caunce.