This makes the cement industry more profitable and sustainable

There is a growing appetite for SRF as fuel in the cement industry in Europe. This will lead to a more profitable and sustainable production, argues Per Cederberg at Geminor.

Over the past few months, Geminor has increased the delivery of solid recovered fuel (SRF) to cement kilns all over Europe. Spain, Latvia, Greece and Cyprus are countries that recently started the process of importing secondary fuels for use in the cement industry. The waste comes from producers in countries with surplus, such as the UK, Germany and Italy.

The cement industry is gradually seeing the advantages of energy-from-waste, explains Per Cederberg, Account Manager SRF at Geminor.

–  This market has been growing steadily over some time. The industry is looking at considerable fuel cost savings by adapting to increased use of SRF fuels. Globally we see a new strategy where coal and other fossil fuels are gradually being replaced with SRF, says Cederberg.

– A substitution rate of up to 30 percent SRF in the fuel can typically be implemented without major investments. Much plastic in the SRF gives it a high calorific value, and since the ashes from the fuel is part of the final cement product, the importance of quality waste fuel is paramount. The particle size is one of many important factors in meeting the industry’s requirements regarding fuel, Cederberg explains.

More sustainable

At present, approximately 8 percent of the worlds Co2 output comes from the cement industry – making it one of the most polluting industries on the planet. This is also an argument for utilizing more SRF, says Cederberg.

– The ambition of having a more sustainable cement production – together with the economic incentive – is bringing the industry in the right direction. Germany is presently the best country in using SRF in their cement production, with an average substitution rate of around 65 percent. Others will follow their example in the years to come, and it is Geminors ambition to assist the whole market in this process, says Per Cederberg, Account Manager SRF at Geminor.

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